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I'm a writer, coach, and teacher (Integral Life Practice) from San Rafael, CA. I'm married, and have an 18 year old son.


Terry Patten worked with philosopher Ken Wilber and a core team at his Integral Institute to develop Integral Life Practice, which distills essential dimensions of ancient and modern spiritual practices into an intelligent contemporary transformational lifestyle. He is a senior trainer with Wilber’s Integral Institute Seminars and co-director of the team that has been developing Integral Institute Coaching at Integral University.

He was an early and longtime student and editor for the brilliant and iconoclastic American spiritual teacher, Adi Da Samraj. Earlier in his life he was a serial entrepreneur, starting and selling several successful small businesses, including the Tools For Exploration catalog, which first presented and educated about the many emerging brain-mind machines, subtle energy tools, and other cutting-edge technologies for expanding awareness. He is also a grassroots conservationist involved in supporting wise stewardship and restorative Redwood forestry.

He lives in San Rafael with his wife and son where he is working, with Ken Wilber, Marco Morelli, and Adam Leonard, on a book: Integral Life Practice: How to Design Your Own Training Program for Body Mind, and Spirit.