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February 27, 2007


Leslie Hershberger


You give me hope that Integral will move into actual practice in this world politic. When I was at ICC in October basking in the warm glow of amazing integral people, questions kept popping into my awareness--How can we bring integral to the world? How can I help make that happen? What would it look like? The simple notion of planting seeds offers hope and a template for my own decisions about action. And, to know you are planting such hardy seeds warms my heart. Keep us posted. Thanks, Leslie

hamed poursharafoddin

Dear Terry:
I read what you wrote about IRAN and at least shared your impression about Iran and the people of my country. Thank you for honesty.

Hamed Poursharafoddin

Dear Terry:

I am writing for the second time to you because I do believe that you should now let others know what is going on here in Iran. NOW,I do believe that my country is in significant situation which can play a crucial role in our future, please do us all a favor and write in your website what do you think of Iran in this period of time.
Best Regards,

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Iran is such a wonderful country. Peace and love on earth as always!

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